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Timetable and registration

For a free trial lesson please click here: (Trial lessons are only free in the Chäferli, Häsli, Tigerli, SAGADULA Familie und Forscher groups). After the summer holiday, starting 23th of August 2021, SAGADULA takes place in FELDMEILEN (Chäferli, Häsli, Familei, Forscher), in the "Ballettschule Mimi Schmäh", General Wille-Stasse 115. The "Forscher class"(Musical) on Wednesday 2.00-2.50 a.m. takes place in KÜSNACHT in the "WingTsun SportCenter", Gartenstrasse 21.  


5 months - 2 years
with parents

registration now

  • Monday, 10.35 a.m.-11.20 a.m.
    Tuesday, 09.30-10.15 a.m.

  • * Thursday, 09.30-10.15 a.m.


2 - 3½ years
with parents

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  • Monday, 9.30-10.15 a.m. (together with Tigerli, Tigerliprogram, children ca. 2,5 years and older)

  • Tuesday, 10.35-11.20 a.m.
  • Wednesday, 09.30-10.15 a.m.   until 14.7.2021

  • * Thursday, 09.30-10.15 a.m. starting 26th of August 2021 (Feldmeilen)

  • Friday 10.35 a.m.- 11.20 a.m.


3 - 5 years
with parents

registration now

  • Monday, 9.30-10.15 a.m.

    Wednesday, 10.35-11.20 a.m. until 14.7.2021

    Thursday, 10.35-11.20 a.m. starting 26th of August 2021


  • Friday, 9.30-10.15


0 - 5 years

Chäferli, Häsli, Tigerli
with parents

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  • Thursday, 9.30-10.15 a.m., starting 26th of August 2021


1st and 2nd Kindergarten
1st and 2nd class

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    Wednesday, 14.00-14.50 p.m. starting 29th of September 2021 in the WingTsun Sportcenter, Gartenstrasse 21, Küsnacht. MUSICAL: De Schatz im SAGADULA Land


  •  * in SAGADULA Family

Note: Courses are continuous and children can join at any time. The maximum number of children per group is usually 12.

Play time

0 - 5 years, with parents

registration now

new date to be announced

All of the instruments and the play equipment, including the soft element landscape, are available for the children to play with.

(Friends are also welcome to register!)


SAGADULA-lessonfor daddy's (and mothers)

0 - 5 years with parents

registration now

  • New date to be announced

(Friends are also welcome to register!)


Chäferli, Häsli, Tigerli, SAGADULA Familie, Forscher
(20% reduction for 2nd sibling in an other class)

  • 10 consecutive lessons: Fr. 280.-
    (Fr. 28.00 per 45min lesson)
  • 20 consecutive lessons: Fr. 490.- 
    (24.50 per 45min lesson)

Fees for babies (older than 12 months) in the same group: CHF 15.00

Play time (75min)
CHF 18.00 per 75 min, 2nd child older than 12 months CHF 9.00

CHF 20.00 per 45min, 2nd child older than 12 months CHF 10.00

Absence control:
Please inform us in advance if your child (or the parents) will miss a lesson (Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). In this case, if the respective group is not too full, a replacement lesson in a different group may be attended – ideally in the same week (otherwise a different week is possible). Unless we have informed you otherwise, your child may attend the lesson on the date you have suggested. Once the course has been completed, with the exception of the following personal holiday regulation, we can no longer compensate you for any missed lessons.

Personal holiday regulation:
If we receive 2 weeks’ notice of your intended absence, we will add

  • 1 week of lessons at the end of the course > if you miss 2 weeks due to holidays
  • 2 weeks of lessons at the end of the course > if you miss 3 weeks, etc.



Lessons at SAGADULA Küsnacht take place on the following days:

SAGADULA Küsnacht - holiday schedule (PDF file for download)


Daniela Vogt-Koenig
course teacher

studied violin at the Konservatorium Zürich and also took singing lessons. She was a long-term member of the Zurich Bach choir. As a teacher at primary and secondary school, she introduced her students to the world of music and directed the performance of various music theatre productions. During a five-year stay in South Africa, she completed a degree in children’s music. Daniela Vogt-Koenig is a mother of two grown up daughters.

Bettina Marugg-Herrmann
course teacher

  • Master of Arts in Music Education for Solo Voice at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
  • Bachelor of Arts, Solo Voice, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
  • Singing teacher at Kantonsschule Wattwil and Musikschule Dielsdorf
  • Freelance opera/concert/Lied singer
  • One-year placement in the field of early music education at Landeskonservatorium Feldkirch
  • Three years as choir mistress of a children’s choir
  • Mother of three children

Brigit Hefel
course teacher

  • Qualifications: early music education and primary school, subsequent teaching at primary school
  • Qualification as gymnastics teacher
  • Qualification in ballet, Flamenco dance & yoga – many years as course instructor for children’s ballet, Flamenco dance and yoga
  • Since 2011 course instructor at her own Flamenco dance school
  • Qualification as SAGADULA course instructor
  • Instruments: piano, recorder, Bansuri (Indian flute) and voice
  • Lives together with her partner and their daughter


registration form - for a free trial lesson

Daniela Vogt-Koenig
Geissbühlweg 24
8700 Küsnacht

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: 044 910 33 81
Fax: 044 910 33 58

SAGADULA classroom

The classroom address until 16.07.2021 is Sonnenrain 57, Küsnacht, opposite of Coop Itschnach. For details, please consult the map.  Starting 23th of August 2021 the new classroom adress is General-Wille-Strasse 115, 8706 Feldmeilen.

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