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Welcome to SAGADULA

The beautiful SAGADULA room in Baar is available for hire, see NEWS.

SAGADULA Feldmeilen takes place in the rooms of the ballet school Mimi Schmäh. (

Children's centre for Music, Movement and Play (0 to 8 years)

SAGADULA parent-and-children singing (for children and babies) provides you with a treasure trove of opportunities to stimulate every aspect of your child’s development: In our music school, we experience music through play, singing both traditional songs as well as songs and verses composed specifically for SAGADULA, which have all been recorded on CD. We take a special, imaginative approach to early music education, offering your children not only the entire range of Orff instruments but also numerous innovative play materials which make every music course a special event. Active children will not be bored: While experiencing music, children train their balance and coordination through rhythm and dancing. The highlight of every SAGADULA lesson is the training circuit: Get inspired by the pictures and texts on our website and the photos on our SAGADULA Facebook pages of SAGADULA  Feldmeilen/ZH, Thalwi/ZH, Baar/ZG, Altendorf/SZ and Kriens/LU and SAGADULA Instagram pages: Altendorf, Feldmeilen, Thalwil, Baar, Kriens

Nursery and first grade children perform musicals, music theatres and dance theatres in our music schools. Musical, Musictheater and Dancetheater 

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