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The SAGADULA music school takes a playful approach to musical learning that nurtures your child’s all-round development. Our philosophy is based on extensive research carried out in Europe and the USA which shows that musical activity has a pronounced positive effect on the development of young children.

At SAGADULA, English-speaking children listen to and sing along with numerous songs and rhymes in Swiss German, offering them an excellent opportunity to learn the language through play.
Although all children are born with an aptitude for music, unless this precious gift is developed, the potential may be lost early on in life.

At our SAGADULA music courses, children express themselves with their voices, through movement and through simple musical instruments. These activities promote their musical aptitude, their self-esteem and their ability to concentrate. In the process, the foundation is laid for linguistic and logical thinking which is of crucial importance for all subsequent learning. In their playgroups, children also acquire social and emotional skills.

In addition, children develop their body coordination and balanceActivities involving rhythm, dance and play offer little ones the opportunity to fully express themselves. With a wide range of play equipment available, children can immerse themselves in a stimulating range of movement activities.

The main focus of parent-and-children singing at SAGADULA is on Swiss-German and High German songs and rhymes but also features music from all over the world. All songs that have been specifically composed and produced for SAGADULA are published on our SAGADULA CDs.

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