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Musical Performance in Thalwil  (De Schatz im SAGADULA Land)

Monday 14.15-15.00a.m.  or Friday 14.00-14.55 a.m.

Next Musical in Altendorf: "Häxefäscht im SAGADULA Land"

Starting September 2024, Peformance February 2025

1st and 2nd Kindergarden, 1st and 2nd class of Primary School

The SAGADULA room in Baar is available for hire!

On a space of approx. 100 m2, the room features a play zone with soft play equipment and a slide as well as various play materials and musical instruments. There is also a kitchen and seating facilities. Among other activities, the room is ideal for children’s birthday parties or private play afternoons (suitable for children from 0-6 years).

The room can also be rented on a regular basis, for instance for yoga, dance or similar courses.

Address:  Lättichstresse 18b,  6340 Baar, car park located directly across. Please enquire at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SAGADULA Küsnacht takes place in Feldmeilen

General Wille Strasse 115, Feldmeilen (Ballettschule Mimi Schmäh)  registration: timetable Feldmeilen.

Performance "Der Nussknacker"

Küsnacht (1. u. 2. Kindergarten, 1. u. 2. Klasse)

Performance "De Schatz im Sagadula-Land"

Küsnacht, (1. und 2. Kindergarten, 1. und 2. Klasse)

Bericht vom Küsnachter vom 9 Februar 2012 herunterladen

Performance "häxefäscht im Sagadula-Land"

Küsnacht, (1. und 2. Kindergarten, 1. und 2. Klasse)

Bericht vom Küsnachter herunterladen


New: Indoor-playground: SAGADULA Baar, Thalwil, Altendorf and Küsnacht,  children 0-5 Years

Children can use all of the instruments and versatile play materials for independent play: soft play equipment for climbing, slide, training circuit, various balls, books and play corner, etc.

The playgrounds also offer a separate crawler zone and suitable play materials for babies.

Children attending the playtime hour must be accompanied by a parent. A SAGADULA teacher will be present at all times. Children who are not enrolled in a SAGADULA course are also welcome!

More information: Thalwil, Alterndorf, Baar, Feldmeilen



Erster Preis für CDs

Toby Frey, former musical director at SAGADULA and producer of the SAGADULA CDs, has been awarded the following first prizes together with Gerda Bächli:

  • "Daniel" (a musical Christmas tale)
  • "Händ und Füess" (27 elementary movement and play songs)
  • "Näbelhäx und Wienachtsstern" (30 autumn, witches, Christmas and winter songs)

2nd prize

  • "Zyt isch da" (Di schönschte Schwiizer Chinderlieder, the best children’s songs from Switzerland)
  • "Huiii" (20 children’s songs by Gerda Bächli)
  • ‘"Immer de Hans" (20 traditional children’s songs from Switzerland – rewritten and reinvented by Katharina Albisser)

Prizes awarded by the Association for the Promotion of Swiss Youth Culture (Vereinigung zur Förderung Schweizer Jugendkultur, "s’goldig Chrönli")

All CDs published by MusicVision are available at SAGADULA.

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