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Isabel Plaza
My son was, and is, a music enthusiast in every respect. The SAGADULA lessons with their unique combination of music, movement and play, certainly contributed a lot.
Barbara Weber Oertli
There were always new challenges for my son, especially in terms of dexterity and coordination. I got many great ideas how to stimulate his musical and motoric development at home.
Julia Hafner
I am already taking my third child to the SAGADULA lessons and we both love singing, dancing and making music together.
Mimi Frey
SAGADULA is a bit like “musical spa treatment”: Immersing yourself in the music makes you happy and gives your soul a lift!
Helga Kauschke
It took us 1¼ hours to get to the SAGADULA lessons! We simply didn’t have anything comparable nearby! My daughter loves the wonderful SAGADULA CDs, she always dances along with the music.
Eveline Matthäus
II really liked the range of play materials we used when singing songs. The children never got bored and I was impressed by the length of time they stayed focussed. SAGADULA is always full of surprises immersing yourself in the music makes you happy and gives your soul a lift!
Louis Senn
The SAGADULA lessons were very important to me because I had so many wonderful emotional moments with my grandchild.
J. W.
Me and my twin went to SAGADULA for 5½ years. When I was in 1st grade, I was chosen to play the Nutcracker in a dance theatre performance, and once I was the Näbelhäx, that was also cool.

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