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Timetable and registration

For a free trial lesson (one free lesson per child) please click REGISTRATION.
(Free trial lessons are only possible in the Chäferli and Häsli groups)

Siblings are welcome too.



5 months - 2 years
with parents

registration now

  • Tuesday, 9.30-10.15 a.m.            

    *in SAGADULA Family

  • *Thursday, 09.45-10.30 a.m.


2 years - 5 years
with parents

registration now

  • Monday, 10.35-11.20 a.m.

  • *Tuesday, 9.30-10.15 a.m.    

    in SAGADULA family                                                                       


  • *Thursday 9.45-10.30 a.m.


3 -5 years
with parents

registration now

  • Monday, 10.35-11.20 a.m.


    *Tuesday, 9.30-10.15 a.m.

    in SAGADULA Family             

  • Thursday, 08.45-09.30 a.m.


0 - 5 years

Chäferli, Häsli, Tigerli
with parents

registration now   siblings or one child possible

  • *Tuesday, 09.30-10.15 a.m.

  • *Thursday, 9.45-10.15


SAGADULA-lessonsfor daddy's! (and mothers)

0 - 5 years, with parents

registration now

  • new dates to be announced

(Friends are also welcome to register!)


Chäferli, Häsli:
(reduction for 2nd sibling *)

  • 10 consecutive lessons: CHF 250.-
    (CHF 25.00 per 45 min lesson)
  • 20 consecutive lessons: CHF. 450.- 
    (CHF 22..50 per 45 min lesson)

Fees for babies (older than 12 months) in the same group: CHF 15.00 *

CHF 20.00, sibling CHF 10.00

Absence control:
Please inform us in advance if your child (or the parents) will miss a lesson (sms 079 532 25 09). In this case, if the respective group is not too full, a replacement lesson in a different group may be attended – ideally in the same week (otherwise a different week is possible). Unless we have informed you otherwise, your child may attend the lesson on the date you have suggested. Once the course has been completed, with the exception of the following personal holiday regulation, we can no longer compensate you for any missed lessons.

Personal holiday regulation:
If we receive 2 weeks’ notice of your intended absence, we will add

  • 1 week of lessons at the end of the course > if you miss 2 weeks due to holidays
  • 2 weeks of lessons at the end of the course > if you miss 3 weeks, etc.



Lessons at SAGADULA Kriens take place on the following days:

SAGADULA Kriens - holiday schedule (PDF file for download)



Diana Emery
Owner SAGADULA Kriens
Course teacher

  • Married, 2 children
  • 2019/2020 training and qualification as SAGADULA course instructor
  • Instrument: piano
  • Sings soprano at Zürcher Konzertchor
  • Qualified fitness instructor since 2011
  • Degree in business studies, AKAD
  • Has worked as a financial accountant since 2007


registration form - for a free trial lesson

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: 079 532 25 09

SAGADULA classroom

The class room is on the top floor of the building at Sonnenbühlweg 1, 6010 Kriens, right at the Lucerne-Kriens motorway exit.

Parking spaces are available at PP Langsägestrasse, at the Amlehn school building or in Brunnmattstrasse (5 mins on foot).

Or take bus no. 1 from Lucerne train station to the Kupferhammer stop. The bus comes every 7 min and takes 7 min.